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Rossana Borzelli

I had the fortune to be born in the late 50's in a Roman family where creativity and enterprise where the fundamental elements of living. I remember my cabinet maker uncle Umberto Borzelli's workshop: the smell of the wood, the pieces of plywood upon which where sketched pieces of furniture designed and realized by him, and the time spent listening to his poems in dialect. I remember my father Cesare Borzelli's studio with its drawing boards full of his projects and him - forever in motion with rolls of white paper under his arms - coming and going to find never ending solutions. They are who I refer to.
The stimulus that I have received from them has given me enough courage to set foot upon the path of art, where tenacity and enterprise are fundamental.

Rossana Borzelli was born in Rome, she lives and works in Manziana close to Rome. Colour is a game that Rossana knows well, with her colour finally ceases to express itself. It lives and that is all. It is invasive and doesn't have to answer to anything other than the pleasure of the game.

Roberta Borzelli women's portraits on doors: a real ode to door. It is Art within Art. A fact inside a fact. Femininity itself. Opening, letting in, letting go.
The self portraits with her hands help the artist to speak to us. Just a few black and white lines give us a play of her life.

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